About Our Show

Autos are our passion.
We are fans and creators.

At World of Customs, we are overwhelmingly "car people". And, we not only appreciate good restorations and modifications, our members are right in their with some of the best.

It's with that passion that we take care in choosing just the right vehicles to allow for a perfect mix of expert craftsmanship and unique designs.

...and all that with a big helping of Southern hospitality!


So, what can you expect from the World of Customs Auto Show?

We've planned our show from top to bottom with variety in mind. From the classics that make you stand and stare to the showstoppers like the ISCA showcars, WOC Auto Show aims to have something for everyone. Oh, and you won't go away hungry with plenty of food options to choose from.

We also have ample time to make the rounds with viewing times spaced out over three days. It's truly as convenient as you'd like it to be!

Tradition meetsthe future

Let's face it, there is a very rich heritage of classic vehicles and we are at the front of the line when it comes to keeping those traditions alive.

Along with that, however, is the promise of new technologies, designs, and new creations that spark the imagination. This is where the WOC Auto Show begins to set itself apart. The love of the automobile isn't fading, it's stronger than ever - and we want to give our visitors some of the old and new alike!

Giving Back

Lend a hand.

We want to be sure to have a positive influence on our communities as much as possible. That's why we've chosen to support LeBonheur, Pontotoc, MS 4-H and the Wounded Veterans program with proceeds from our show. It's our honor to help out!

Don't go away hungry!

Viewing all these cars and sights sometimes require some refueling!

World of Customs Auto show is ready for you with snacks, eats and refreshments at the show so you'll be ready to keep on moving.

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