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The Exhibitor hereby applies to the Producer of the custom auto show referred to above to have the vehicle described above displayed therein and agrees that, if the application is accepted, he/she will display the vehicle at the show under the following terms and conditions:

  1. The aforesaid show shall be duly sanctioned by the International Show Car Association (ISCA) and shall be part of the ISCA Champion Series competition.
  2.  The show shall be produced in accordance with the ISCA Classifications and Rules Book, as amended.
  3. Most shows are necessarily over booked by 10% in such cases where space is not available for an entry already accepted to the show, the Producer will have the sole authority to deny entrance to the building to vehicles arriving after the building capacity has been reached. Exhibitors denied access to the building will be refunded any monies paid to the producer, upon request.
  4. The producer shall have final authority to determine the locations of an Exhibitor’s display within the show and the Exhibitor’s compliance with the aforesaid rules, regulations and policies
  5. Once the Exhibitor’s display and/or vehicle are set up in the show, they shall not be removed or concealed by the Exhibitor prior to the end of the show without the permission of the Producer.
  6. Neither the producer, show chairman, sponsor, nor any other officer, director or shareholder, thereof, or the owner of the building at which the show is produced, shall be responsible or liable for any personal injury to the Exhibitor or any person affiliated with Exhibitor, and the Exhibitor, on behalf of itself and any such person and/or minor, as the case may be, hereby waives any such claim for personal injury. Additionally, the Exhibitor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless a Producer against any claim for personal injury by itself of any person and/or minor under the direction and/or control of the Exhibitor. The Exhibitor hereby assumes all risk and shall be solely responsible, hereby waiving any claim against any third party including butnot limited to a Producer for any loss or damage to all or any part of the Exhibitor’s personal property, which shall specifically include but not be limit to, the Exhibitor’s vehicle, trailer,display, material and/or parts. The Exhibitor hereby expressly waives any and all rights the Exhibitor may have against any of them for such loss or damage. Exhibitor agrees to obtain insurance covering the above and assumes full responsibility for any loss or damage. Exhibitor agrees that this signed entry form supersedes any and all prior and/or contemporaneous agreements and understandings whether written or oral between Exhibitor and the Producer, the Producer’s employees, show staff, representatives and sub-contractors. Nothing herein shall be modified unless consented to by Producer in writing. Both parties agree all disagreements will be decided by arbitration in the state where the show is produced.
  7. No promotion and/or advertising is allowed with entries unless they are appearing in conjunction with paid commercial space. A single sign may be used to identify major modifications, who did them, and what equipment was used, but large ad signs, handbills, or business card distribution is strictly prohibited.
  8. In consideration of the entry, the Exhibitor and those persons within Exhibitor’s direction and/or control agree to permit the ISCA or its assigns the use of their names and pictures of the entered vehicle for publicity, advertising and commercial purposes (including newspapers, magazines, radio, internet and television) before, during and after the event, and hereby relinquish any rights whatsoever to any photos taken in connection with the event, and give permission to publish or sell or otherwise dispose of said photographs to ISCA or it assigns. All publicity and advertising rights are reserved by the ISCA or its assigns.


Move in will be Thursday from 9am – 9pm. Please select time from the options below. A specific move in time will be mailed or emailed to you based on your choice of day and time.It’s important that you arrive at your specific, pre-designated time. Exhibitors arriving early will not be allowed in loading entrance area until their appointed time. Exhibitors arriving late will not be allowed in loading entrance area until a space opens up for their vehicle.

Summit Racing Equipment Show Car Series is held in conjunction of the ISCA sanctioned North American events. The Summit Show Car Series Championship will award $85,000 in cash prizes to Division and International Champions for the 2018-2019 season.



The “True Street” competition is designed for owners who drive their vehicles and want toshow them, but do not want to have the undercarriage judged. “True Street” awards will beawarded to winners and runners up in every class.


MOVE-IN-DATES: Thursday February 21, 2018 from 9am – 10pm
SHOW HOURS: Friday….5pm – 10pm; Saturday….9am – 10pm; Sunday….10am – 5pm

DEADLINES: Deadline for entries is 14 days prior to move-in date. However, entries are accepted until the show is full. Preference will be given to entries received before the 14 day deadline. The enclosed application must be accompanied by a 3⁄4 front and 3⁄4 rear view picture of the vehicle you are entering. Preference may be given to entries not previously shown. Shows are separate entities and acceptance to the other. Show management reserve the right to refuse any entry that does not meet the quality of ISCA standards.

JUDGING: ISCA Competition Judging will be done by qualified ISCA officials using the official ISCA classification and rules book, and point system based on conditions, design, detail of finish, workmanship, and safety features. The True Street class is not an ISCA Competition and judging will be done also by ISCA officials, but no undercarriages will be judged.

AWARDS: Trophies will be presented to the top three in each class. Plaques will be presented to the “BEST” and “OUTSTANDING” category winners.

CLUB AWARDS: Club entries must be mailed 30 days prior to show, together in an envelope.

Club awards will be presented to any club having a minimum of four (4) entries in one display with a shared theme. Club displays will be limited to a maximum of six (6) vehicles. Cash awards will be presented to the top club displays.

DISPLAY: You must provide your own ropes and stanchions. Show cards will be furnished for voting and numbering purposes only. You may provide a descriptive or “credit” sign if you wish to list builders. This sign cannot be a commercial advertisement and should be no larger than standard poster size. Examples of commercial advertisements include, but are not limited to: Business cards, flyers, websites, or commercial phone numbers in your display. You should also provide floor covering for your display. Standard display sizes 10×10 for motorcycles, 10×20 for cars and trucks and 20×20 for turntables.

PASSES: Two (2) exhibitor passes, good for all (3) days, will be provided for each entry. Your passes with your name on it will serve as your name badge. Please fill in the name you want on your 2nd pass on the entry form. Additional exhibitor passes, good all (3) days, will be available at a reduced price (limit is 6).

FIRE REGULATIONS: For safety reasons, please arrive with as little gas as possible. All battery cables must be disconnected and gas caps taped or locking caps used. THIS IS A MANDATORY RULE ENFORCED BY THE FIRE MARSHALL.

TRAVEL MONEY GUIDELINES: ISCA Members must travel at least 150 miles one way to qualify for travel money. ALL ISCA Participants MUST BE PRE-APPROVED by the show producer. Due to travel money budgets, not all eligible ISCA Members will receive travel money. Distance is computed from exhibitors home to show city using Google Maps. SEE ISCA RULE BOOK Pg. 9 & 10.

ELECTRICAL SERVICE AVAILIBLE: Electrical service for a fee may be available to 20×20 displays that have a solid enclosure, complete with kick rail or trash barrier and a complete floor covering of carpet, tile, or wood laminate. Rope and stanchion displays are not eligible. Exhibitors must request electrical service when submitting their application and MUST BE PRE-APPROVED by the show producers. Contact Producer for pricing.

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